IMC Auto-Clustering

IMC PaaS provides an on-demand automatic clusterization for some of the managed templates. Such automation significantly simplifies and speeds up the creation of a reliable production-ready cluster for your project.

Features of The IMC Auto-
Clustering Service

WordPress Cluster

Offer highly available WordPress to your customers using a ready-to-go template that can be automatically installed with:

1.NGINX load balancers (LB)
2.Auto-scaled NGINX PHP FPM servers (AS)
3.Replicated MySQL databases (DB)
4.Dedicated Storage node (DS)
5.Deployed latest version of WordPress
6.Geo-distributed clustering across multiple data centers.

Magento Cluster

Grow your business using advanced highly reliable and auto-scalable Magento cluster on top of Docker containers. This package goes with pre-configured embedded load balancing, a pair of replicated database servers, separate cache & session storages, and dedicated admin node for the whole cluster management. Install in minutes and meet requirements even of the most demanding customers.

Kubernetes Cluster

Using Kubernetes clusters on top of IMC PaaS lets easily containerize and migrate existing applications, run scalable microservices and keep them resilient to failures, get extra savings due to more efficient resource utilization, implement CI/CD automation and develop at a higher speed in shorter release cycles. The package goes with a set of already pre-installed components and installed automatically.