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Since PHP is a server-side language the server will handle the source code. So, front-conclusion clients won’t have get to to the code like they do with strict HTML sites. Be that as it may, PHP locales still do and can contain scraps of HTML and CSS all through. PHP is exceptionally adaptable and can do things that most inactive destinations cannot. Before you make any decision about choosing a web host you would like to guarantee it supports a PHP environment. In case it’s not completely upheld, at that point any PHP scripting you have got will be rendered instep as HTML.
PHP Application Servers

PHP Versions...

Database Connection to PHP Application​

  • MySQL Connection
  • PostgreSQL Connection
  • MongoDB Connection

You will find these complex features with PHP

  • Display the best version of a site for a chosen screen size.
  • Send and receive cookies.
  • Create blogs, forums, and other interactive pages.
  • Create interactive websites that require user input.
  • Create a dynamic content site with the help of a database.
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