Elastic VPS

What is IMC Elastic VPS

IMC Elastic VPS provides quick memory and therefore the latest Intel CPUs to assist you to power your cloud applications and win quicker results with low latency. Deploy VPS instances with simply a number of clicks from the easy-to-use console and scale capability up or down supported period of time demands. this suggests you simply get the resources you utilize and avoid the necessity to acquire big-ticket IT infrastructure and rent giant network groups.

Features of The Elastic VPS Stacks

Full Control

It is attainable to manage your virtual server in any most well-liked manner thanks to the provided root permissions


VPS may be a comparatively low cost answer comparing to the value of purchase and maintenance of a true dedicated physical server


Each given VPS represents a completely freelance instance, that is accessible solely via the dedicated public information science, thus the other account on the hardware cannot influence it