Why IMC Kubernetes?

Businesses of all sizes square measure selecting containers to power their digital transformations. and that they think about Kubernetes to assist them deploy, scale and manage their growing variety of pack applications. But operational associate degreed scaling Kubernetes and integration it into an existing IT atmosphere is difficult and needs the proper tooling, automation, and processes, also as hard-to-find experience. So, businesses like yours square measure turning to Rackspace Kubernetes-as-a-Service. With IMC Kubernetes Service, our consultants deliver current operations management and support for the whole technology stack. Plus, we have a tendency to manage and support the containers and cluster application services like watching, logging, analytics, and more.

Features of The Kubernetes Service

Multi-Cloud Portability

With our totally managed Kubernetes service, you’ll get improved application movability across clouds and internal environments, permitting you to specialise in building and launching applications, whereas providing larger flexibility and speed to plug.

Reduced Costs

You can lay aside to fifty percent with IMC Kubernetes Service versus in operation it yourself.

Focus on Core Business

As the world’s leading operator of ASCII text file infrastructure, we will facilitate produce a triple-crown transformation to container-based workloads. By eliminating the complexness of managing and operational Kubernetes, your IT workers and resources are often re-focused onto comes that support your core business, instead of on managing Kubernetes.